Exclusive: Vancouver's the Clips Cite "Tedium" as Reason for Break-Up, Play Last Show Ever Tonight

Exclusive: Vancouver's the Clips Cite 'Tedium' as Reason for Break-Up, Play Last Show Ever Tonight
Nearly one year since the release of debut album Matterhorn, Vancouver, BC-based five-piece the Clips have to decided to call it quits. In a post on their Facebook page, the eccentric indie pop rock outfit explained that they've amicably decided to move on musically.

Wanting to know more, we caught up with keyboardist Edo Van Breeman to find out the cause for the split. On the phone from the Clips' practice space, Van Breeman gave Exclaim! the following statement:

"It was a result of MJ's [guitarist Mike Jones] decision to not really want to play live shows anymore. It was completely amicable. We're more of a hobby band anyway. We all have jobs, and it's kind of impossible for us to go on any gruelling tours or do anything like Japandroids or [Clips offshoot] Brasstronaut does.

"It's mainly just been friends hanging out playing music and for some reason things went pretty well in Vancouver and we've always played good shows here. So it's always been exciting to play, but kind of impossible to take it to the next level. We've also been playing these same songs forever, it feels like, and there's a kind of tedium associated with that.

"It just feels like the five of us don't want to continue with this band in the format we're at. Things might change with the four of us playing together, but it's kind of tentative and it's up in the air... It's definitely not going to be the Clips, it will be something else. We don't want to be just a jukebox, playing the same songs over and over again."

If you want to catch the band one last time before they're gone for good you better act fast. They'll be playing as the Clips for the last time as part of the Unfamiliar Records showcase at the Olio Festival tonight (August 13) in Vancouver. The show takes place at the Red Room (398 Richards St.).

In their break-up note, the band mentioned that they'll be taking requests "in the form of song names written in permanent marker on shot glasses bought from the bar, and delivered to the stage," so bring booze money.