Evile Enter the Grave

It doesn’t get more basic than this: fuckin’ thrash. Straight up, no fluff, just thrash. That’s the Evile mantra and they hold true to it all over their full-length debut, Enter the Grave. Any fan of metal knows that thrash is just fun; it is the essence of what makes you want to hair whip and air guitar. Such feelings are dotted all over this record, and with the onslaught of bands out there that are trying too hard to mix it up with new additions and variations to the thrash metal sound, it’s always nice to listen to a band that could very well be four time-travelling headbangers from 1983. The sound is obvious — Slayer, Kreater, etc. — but the result is just awesome. Group vocals among the brilliantly comprehensible sermons spewing from both guitar players (brothers Matt and Ol Drake) and the fact that there are no wussy clean vocals should make any old school metal head froth over this band. Although this is their full-length debut, the band garnered enough attention to have Flemming Rasmussen (the producer of the greatest album of all time — obviously it’s Puppets) sit behind the knobs for them. That in itself is a huge compliment for a band that only formed three years ago. Evile are a band to keep an eye on. The fact that their debut is so good should make any old school metal fan feel confident that the future is in good hands. (Earache)