Eve Parker Finley Announces New Album 'In the End'

Listen to lead single "The Mirror"

Photo: Stacy Lee, Justin Karas

BY Allie GregoryPublished Nov 22, 2023

Montreal-based comedian/singer-songwriter Eve Parker Finley has announced plans for a new album called In the End, due February 9.

She previews the collection — which promises to be a "transformative musical experience" — today with lead single "The Mirror," a collaborative effort that culls the talents of producer Nick Schofield, harpist Emilie Kahn, bassist Cedric Noel and mixer Ky Brooks.

"I credit my therapist a lot in my art-making, but this single is perhaps the most deserving of her praise," the musician explained of the track in a statement.

She continued, "The song delves into themes of dysphoria, longing, and self-acceptance, capturing the intense emotional weight of these experiences. In these moments, my art-making becomes an invitation for listeners to peek inside my inner world."

Listen to the track below and stay tuned for more details about In the End


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