Evangelista Returns with 'In Animal Tongue'

Evangelista Returns with 'In Animal Tongue'
Los Angeles-based songwriting outsider Carla Bozulich has been turning heads with her various recording projects for decades, most recently as Evangelista. In 2009, she topped herself with Prince of Truth, an album we called "one of Carla Bozulich's most compelling releases." Rather than slow down, she's already announced plans for a new Evangelista record.

The upcoming album is called In Animal Tongue, and marks Bozulich's third full-length as Evangelista. In a press release, Bozulich says the recording of the record was driven "by the forces of rocks, evolution, geology, drugs, boxing, everything-ology and dead stuff that makes the dirt and cement and the tress grow. Plus real versus fake!!!"

Along with Bozulich and Evangelista players Tara Barnes and Dominic Cramp, the album features appearances from San Mickens, Shahzad Ismaily, John Eichenseer, Francesco Guerri, Sophie Trudeau and Thierry Amar, among others.

Constellation Records will issue In Animal Tongue on CD, 180-gram vinyl and as a digital download on September 20. That's the album cover above and the tracklist is below.

Album opener "Artificial Lamb" can be downloaded here, and more information on the release is available here.

In Animal Tongue:

 1. "Artificial Lamb"
2. "In Animal Tongue"
3. "Black Jesus"
4. "Bells Ring Fire"
5. "Hands of Leather"
6. "Tunnel to the Stars"
7. "Die Alone"
8. "Enter the Prince"
9. "Hatching"