Japanese Breakfast and black midi's Geordie Greep Are Beefing over the Beatles

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BY Sydney BrasilPublished Feb 21, 2023

While it's not surprising that classic rock fans are steadfast in their musical opinions, a good old-fashioned Twitter beef between Japanese Breakfast and black midi bandleader Geordie Greep has brought career comparisons between the Beatles and Fleetwood Mac to the spotlight.

It all started on Saturday (February 19) when Japanese Breakfast (née Michelle Zauner) tweeted her hot take on the Beatles' 1966 album Revolver — an ultimately popular choice for "best Beatles album" by I-listen-to-real-music types: "Revolver is the Tusk [by Fleetwood Mac] of Beatles albums," she wrote. "[Anyone] who claims it's their best is an unfeeling snob that's fucking kidding themself."

This caught the attention of Greep, who responded to Zauner: "Fair play but she is wrong as fuck lol. Why does this sort of thing have to devolve into put downs and reductiveness lol. She's talking about 2 masterpieces, who cares if they are better or worse than other obvious masterpieces. They are all brilliant, just in different ways."

Greep's response didn't impress Zauner, who replied, "Aren't you supposed to be interesting?" To which Greep responded, "Bit of a random par lol. Oh well. No beef - I am all about love. Best wishes to you and all America. Happy #monday  #cheers," attaching a selfie of with Lewis Evans of fellow "post-Brexit" band Black Country, New Road.

Considering Zauner didn't respond to the selfie, it's safe the say the beef is over — even if only squashed on one side. All of that said, JBrekkie isn't trying to drag Revolver or Tusk, clarifying later in the thread by saying, "I'm not saying either of these albums are bad! I'm saying if they're your favourites you're a contrarian and wrong."

Whatever your favourite Beatles album is, those of us who've dealt with our fair share of pretentious music bros can empathize. Read through the interaction below. 

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