Evangelista "The Slayer"

Evangelista 'The Slayer'
On her third trip to Montreal's Hotel2Tango studio to create another record, Carla Bozulich indulged in the darker recesses of her heavy as fuck art-rock outlet, Evangelista. As devastating as 2008's Hello, Voyager seemed upon its release, its sonic structures were empowering calls to arms. Due out October 6th, Prince of Truth promises something far less charging and anthemic than its predecessor but no less stirring.

The first clue has arrived in album opener "The Slayer," a muddy, anti-social collision of noise and unearthly tones, guided by Bozulich's distorted voice, which sounds like it's emanating from a snuff-filmmaker's nightmare. With its melodic chorus and recurring lyrics like, "Am I here to watch over you/Am I here to destroy you/Am I here just to think it matters what I do," "The Slayer" explores power dynamics within a doomed sonic landscape that only Evangelista could conjure.

Listen to "The Slayer" by Evangelista here.