Evan Rachel Wood Alleges Marilyn Manson Threatened to Sexually Assault Her 8-Year-Old Son

New court filings in Wood's custody battle for her child claim the shock rocker made threats against her family

Photo: Evan Rachel Wood by Gage Skidmore (left), Marilyn Manson by Andreas Lawen (right)

BY Allie GregoryPublished Dec 9, 2021

Evan Rachel Wood has claimed that Marilyn Manson threatened to sexually assault her eight-year-old son, Jack, according to court documents obtained by The Daily Mail.

The following article contains potentially triggering material relating to sexual assault and violence. If you or anyone you know is looking for support, consult the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime to find resources in your area.

The documents, relating to a custody battle with Wood's ex-husband Jamie Bell and filed in April, accuse "an alleged offender" [Manson] of threatening "to f**k" her son and "destroy" the families of his other accusers. Wood said she fears for her son's safety in Los Angeles amid Manson's pending criminal investigation.

Wood also claimed that another unnamed alleged victim of Manson's has an audio recording of him saying he has Wood's social security number and photos of her child. "I know where they live, where their f***ing kids go to school, where they work, their parents," Manson reportedly says on the recording.

The actress has since relocated to Nashville from Los Angeles, after having installed bulletproof windows, a steel door and a security fence at her former residence. The documents also state that Wood is "looking into attack dogs and security guards at night" at her new home.

"These new developments, combined with the pending criminal investigation, lead me to be very concerned about our child's safety when in Los Angeles," she said.

"I am extremely afraid of the alleged offender," Wood said. "I have suffered severe, traumatic physical and emotional injury at his hands, and I am afraid he will seek retribution against me for testifying by harming me, our son, and members of my family."

Additionally, Wood claims that she has received multiple death threats from unnamed parties since coming forward with her accusations against Manson in February this year.

Bell has opposed Wood's move to Tennessee in court, stating that "Evan's story defies credibility."

"I frankly do not understand what is happening," Bell said. "Either Evan's claims that she is receiving 'death threats' are true and Jack is not safe in her care, or they are not true and she is withholding our son from me for other reasons of her own invention."

See the full documents obtained by The Daily Mail here.

Manson stands accused of sexual assault, misconduct and rape by multiple women, including Wood and actress Esme Bianco. In February, the FBI reportedly launched an investigation into the claims against Manson, interviewing former partner actress Bianca Allaine about her accusations of abuse. The musician has maintained his denial of all claims, calling them "horrible distortions of reality." 

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