Erykah Badu Receives Fine, Probation for "Window Seat" Video

Erykah Badu Receives Fine, Probation for 'Window Seat' Video
The video for Erykah Badu's recent single, "Window Seat," was clearly intended to stir up a controversy, as it shows the singer stripping naked and getting shot at the site of JFK's assassination in Dallas, TX. If she was looking to provoke a reaction, she's got her wish in the form of a $500 fine and six months probation.

This news comes from Entertainment Weekly/Associated Press, and confirms earlier reports that Badu would be facing legal ramifications for the racy video. She has reportedly already paid the fine.

Not only did Badu strip naked in a public place, she filmed the video without a permit. According to some reports, Badu was hoping that the clip would culminate in her getting arrested.

Regarding the punishment, Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway previously said, "I don't think it's going to be something she would go to jail behind, but certainly the message has to be sent."

Of course, the publicity that Badu has received from this incident is doubtless worth more than $500, so she's probably not too worried about the cost.

Watch the video embedded below.