Heater in My Truck

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished Nov 1, 2003

Epic’s laid-back, unorthodox stop-start flow (and whiney voice) will continue to scare off the squares with Heater in My Trunk, the vinyl-only EP that sets the stage for Epic’s upcoming sophomore album. However, it’s actually very refreshing. Epic shows he’s equally capable at telling a story, painting a picture, or busting his own particular interpretation of a rap song with "I Only Like Rap,” his update of Schooly D’s "I Don’t Rock, I Rap.” Plus, he can pull off the socially conscious thing while maintaining a sense of humour. And not that he needs it, but Ben.e Elim and Conspiracy add some extra vocal flavouring on "Girls” and "Masses,” respectively. Soso, who produces five of the EP’s six vocal tracks, serves up down-tempo, smooth jams that have improved thanks to the extra steps taken in beat layering and sampling, such as the choice of the bass drum on "Poor People Are Scummy.” Epic and Soso are like peanut butter and chocolate. The sixth song, "Masses,” is produced by Maki and fits perfectly amongst the many Soso beats. And while two Soso-produced tracks get the instrumental treatment, Maki delivers the EP’s only original instrumental, "Old Guys Are Ready to Rock the Mic,” the best beat on Heater and hopefully getting vocals for the album. The waiting begins.
(Clothes Horse)

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