Local Only

BY Thomas QuinlanPublished May 1, 2004

The old guys are ready to rock the mic, and Saskatoon, SK’s Epic is set to prove the point on his sophomore album. His debut, 8:30 In Newfoundland, revealed an unusual rapper with a knack for telling touching stories about the disenfranchised using great wit and humour; plus Soso’s production was a perfect match. Epic is back with Local Only, and he’s better than ever. As always, the production is supplied mostly by Soso with melancholy but bass-heavy beats that are unsure whether they should be moving your body or your mind. Plus, he surprises with a couple of glitch-y, electro-influenced bangers like album opener "Running Away From Saskatoon,” the short "Towtruck” rant, and "Middle Aged White Guy,” all suitable beats for any Anti-Pop Consortium rapper. The last is one of the album’s catchiest tracks, as is "My Briefcase is a Weapon,” produced by Muneshine, who mixes heavy drums with some smooth samples while Epic imagines himself as part of the rat race as a self-obsessed "second in command” at a Walmart. Maki also contributes three beats, winning with "Old Guys Are Ready to Rock the Mic” and some heavy bass on glitch-hop track "Blood Money.” Epic gets political, emotional and funny, and always lets his thoughts flow freely. If Epic keeps turning out albums like this, he won’t be Local Only for long.
(Clothes Horse)

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