Enabler Year One

After putting out a few seven-inches and twelve-inch EPs, Enabler have released their first full-length, and it was worth the wait. The band pull out all the stops for a ferocious 13-track debut, creating a work of extreme endurance hardcore. Jeff Lohrber's scream, much like the band's lyrics, is completely earnest and doesn't waver for a moment during Year One's rampage of intensity. The rest of the band (a continually changing line-up since the album's release) operate with the efficiency of an industrial jackhammer, pummelling every note during breakdowns, hardcore speed numbers, blast beats and mathcore sections. Nearly every track is around two minutes in length and so fast the album moves like a Gatling gun, shredding each moment. Every track on Year One holds it own as a solid explosion of hardcore. As a special treat, the band include a fantastic cover of the Beastie Boys' "Heart Attack Man." (Creator Destructor)