Enabler "Fail to Feel Safe"

Enabler 'Fail to Feel Safe'
Get ready to freak right the fuck out, as Ohio heavies Enabler have just streamed the title track to their upcoming Fail to Feel Safe. The aural assault is unsettling, to say the least.

As you'll discover, the track pits a powerful, double-kick thrash beat and assorted blasts against detuned and discordant six-string dementia, not to mention a litany of caustic, guttural cries. Though there is a comparatively subdued and melodic mosh section a bit later on, the song ultimately leaves us feeling, as hinted in verse, that we're "under attack."

You can stream the crusher below, courtesy of Metal Sucks.

As previously reported, Fail to Feel Safe is set to detonate August 7 through Century Media.