Eminem "Lose Yourself" (Original Demo Version)

Eminem 'Lose Yourself' (Original Demo Version)
Along with new tunes and classic tracks, Eminem's upcoming Shady Records anniversary project Shady XV features some hidden gems. One of which is a demo version of Em's big hit "Lose Yourself," which has now surfaced online ahead of the compilation's November 24 due date.

On the surface, the song sounds the same, with its dramatic, staccato six-string lines and punchy snare. Eminem brought different bars to the table on the early version, though, with alternate verses talking about the passage of time, moving to the music, and uniting with others over the sounds of hip-hop. The hook likewise plays a little different, featuring a few different lines and less symphonic oomph.

It's a "what if" glimpse of how one of the rapper's biggest singles could have arrived, and you can find it down below.