Electric Six Switzerland

It seems like only yesterday Detroit’s most criminally underappreciated and overlooked sons unleashed their last (with apologies to Pink Floyd) collection of great demonic disco punk dance songs. Oh wait, it was! Although we had to wait years between their Jack White-approved debut Fire and the sophomore Senor Smoke, it’s been less than a year for the North American delivery of album number three. Switzerland, like its two predecessors, is here for one reason and one reason alone: to bring you a good time. Even with tongue planted firmly in cheek, Dick Valentine’s distinctive growl is in fine form as he tips his hat to marital aides, diseased women, religious candy confections and other ridiculously hilarious subjects. But do not despair, due respect is also paid to Valentine’s favourite subjects: evil and the devi. A more synth-driven dance-y affair than the rock-oriented Senor Smoke, Switzerland is an album that dares you to sit still while listening to it. But a word of warning: don’t accept that dare. (Metropolis)