El-P "The Full Retard" (video) (NSFW)

El-P 'The Full Retard' (video) (NSFW)
Well, if you thought that El-P's new Cancer 4 Cure was a densely layered, claustrophobic head trip, wait until you get a load of the rapper's new video for album track "The Full Retard."

The clip stars EL-P and a self-destructive, one-eyed squirrel getting into all sorts of trouble. In just under four minutes, the rap-loving rodent eggs nerds, bashes a bottle over a young mother's head, parties hard with some prostitutes, and overdoses after shooting heroin into his bushy tail. El-P, meanwhile, hangs out in the background with a smile.

There are some nipple shots, a lot of drug use and a healthy amount of blood, so let's label this NSFW. That is, unless your co-workers are totally cool with you slacking off from your regular duties to watch a puppet puke in a nightclub.