Eerie Von The Blood and The Body

Former Samhain and Danzig member Eerie Von has been cursed with the vocal cords of Jim Morrison or Glenn Danzig. His sophomore release sounds very much like early Danzig without the grand metal overtones. The writing isn’t nearly as satanic as Danzig but it does have some fine death structures in them. Somehow, the feeling that this was recorded in a dark dank hole can’t be over looked. At times, this adds to the over all dark vibe but it detracts from “The Sum of Love,” which has a gloomy lounge thing going on. Unfortunately, Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” is so much better than Eerie’s attempt. The sparse music in the song gets cranked up at inappropriate moments with poorly placed guitar riffing and the same goes for “The Inferno Room.” Both are a 14-year-old’s idea of deep meaningful music. His howling through “An Investment in Hate” and “Madonnica Diabolita” will impress some people. While this album doesn’t have any deep meaning, it will appeal to people who don’t know any better. (Cleopatra)