Eddie C On the Shore

Eddie C  On the Shore
On the Shore, Canadian DJ/producer Eddie C's breezy and amiable third album for Japanese label Endless Flight, is short on memorable moments but heavy on groove and atmosphere. The mostly midtempo album is perfectly calibrated for tasteful lounging and backyard hangouts.
Although composed entirely in Berlin, there is a definite tropical feel to On the Shore that does its cover art justice. Much of this has to do with Eddie C's keen ear for samples, honed perhaps via his affinity for early hip-hop. Full of warm, organic instrumentation, the album is at its best when he lets these samples unspool leisurely. The playful vibraphone on "Low Road Dubs," the beach-party guitar of "Boipeba Praia," the mysterious flute in "Mistaya" that seems like it's beckoning you towards some hidden jungle temple; all evoke sunnier climes with just the right mixture of ease and wonder.
If being too relaxed can be considered a crime, however, On the Shore might be guilty of it. Eddie C's layering/collagist approach to composition here sometimes leads to an overall sense of blurring together that, paired with its holiday vibe, can sound a bit same-y before things are over. Like lying on a beach for days on end during vacation, On the Shore is thoroughly enjoyable, but it tends to be remembered holistically rather than as a collection of finely articulated details. Keep this one handy for those dark winter months. (Kompakt)