Eddie C Green Space

Eddie C Green Space
The fourth LP from Southern Ontario transplant Eddie C (the DJ/producer calls Berlin home now), Green Space, features ten downtempo hip-hop and lo-fi house instrumentals and comes with a two-track bonus single that nearly steals the show.
Let's start there. Eddie's remix of HRDVSION's "842 Colours" is full-on Afrika Bambaataa, circa 1980, wonderful. That may not be an original Roland TB-303 bouncing off our walls (we're betting it's the copycat Cyclone Analogic TT-303), but who cares? The track is a killer.
The full collection features half-a-dozen or so similarly infectious ideas. The toaster sample at the top of "Dancin' Music" is one example; another is the deeply funky guitar riff on "In the Park."
As tight as the whole package is, though, Green Space leans heavily on relatively minimal beats. Even as each track brings something new to the mix, there is so little variation within each number that it's difficult not to get a bit impatient for what's next.
It's a criticism often levied at downtempo recordings of this kind. Listeners with a greater capacity for the genre will think Green Space first rate. More casual admirers may find themselves reaching for the skip button. (Endless Flight)