Echo & the Bunnymen Spinoff Poltergeist Prep Debut Album

Echo & the Bunnymen Spinoff Poltergeist Prep Debut Album
In recent years, Echo & the Bunnymen have been revisiting the past by performing their early albums live, but some of the band members have their sights set on new projects. For guitarist Will Sergeant, this means reuniting with founding bassist Les Pattinson and touring Bunnymen drummer Nick Kilroe under the name Poltergeist.

The instrumental trio have finished their first album and are selling it through PledgeMusic. Entitled Your Mind Is a Box (Let Us Fill It with Wonder), it will be sent out to pledgers on March 4.

In a statement, Sergeant described Poltergeist's music like this: "We create a form of rock music with its toes paddling in the progressive ocean foam of the '60s and '70s and its head in the bone dry air of the present day. We want to try and get away from the traditional band format of the line across the stage. There are 12 notes in a scale and we intend to use most of them."

The album is available from PledgeMusic here in a variety of forms including a CD and a double-LP, with some remixes pressed on both CD and vinyl as well. There are also concert tickets, T-shirts and signed artwork. All pledgers will receive a preview track, plus a digital copy of the album on release date.

Scroll past the band's upcoming UK tour schedule to hear the sprawling, seven-minute "Cathedral."

In other Bunnymen news, the band revealed on Facebook that frontman Ian McCulloch has been demoing new songs with producer Youth. It's unknown whether this is for a solo album or a new Echo & the Bunnymen collection.

Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the heads-up.

Tour dates:

3/13 Glasgow, UK - Oran Mor

3/14 London, UK - Hoxton Bar & Grill

3/16 Liverpool, UK - The Kazimier

3/22 Manchester, UK - Sound Control

3/23 York, UK - Fibbers