'Eastbound and Down,' 'Super' and 'Soul Surfer' Lead This Week's DVD Roundup

'Eastbound and Down,' 'Super' and 'Soul Surfer' Lead This Week's DVD Roundup
Gratuitous action flicks, a Christian surfing film and an anime remake are only a taste of what you'll find in this week's DVD review roundup. For a heads-up on all of the latest reviews, hit up the Exclaim.ca Recently Reviewed section. Here's just some of what's up for grabs.

First off, Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) returns in the second season of the uproarious HBO comedy Eastbound and Down (pictured), out now on DVD. The season finds anti-hero Powers in Mexico in search of a way back into the MBL. Also out is Supernatural: The Anime Series, which, as the title suggests, is the anime version of the TV series that stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Next, Sean McNamara's film Soul Surfer combines Christianity with a surfing contest and sharks. The true story is about how a young surfer gets back to the sport after tragically losing her arm in a shark attack.

Then we have two films featuring Kevin Bacon playing unsavoury characters (a drug dealer in Super and a cruel juvy guard in Sleepers). The Rainn Wilson-led black comedy Super follows Wilson as a somewhat delusional and childish real-life superhero (sans powers) in a story that's as hilarious as it is heartbreaking. Also reviewed is the Blu-ray re-release of Sleepers, a disturbing court-case film with an A-list cast (Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and the aforementioned Bacon).

Also re-released now on Blu-ray are two movies from Sylvester Stallone's post-Rocky IV phase: Demolition Man and Cobra. The former features Stallone as a cop awakened in a future devoid of conflict, and in the latter, the Italian Stallion squares off with the Night Slasher (played by Brian Thompson) in the '80s action flick.

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