Drive Like Jehu

Olympic Plaza, Calgary AB, June 27

Photo: Steve Louie

BY Jibril YassinPublished Jun 28, 2015

When John Reis' band Rocket from the Crypt reunited to play shows including last year's Sled Island, hopes were high a reunion set from his other group, Drive Like Jehu, would happen on the same stage. Last night (June 27), the recently reformed San Diego post-hardcore outfit sounded like they took no time away, bringing a volatile energy to a set full of fan-favourites.

Drive Like Jehu was a band ahead of their time, breaking up before their post-hardcore/emo sound took hold with later bands. Watching their performance, it's easy to see why — the twin guitar attack of Reis and vocalist Rick Froberg melded into a sound that was wiry and dissonant, and the band's use of unconventional time signatures they made famous two decades ago gave them an edge they recreated with verve at Olympic Plaza. 

It was uncomfortable to fathom they were still capable of such fury, to say the least. While it would have been fantastic to see the band in an indoor setting, having such an exclusive reunion take place, and to see Drive Like Jehu operate at such a high level — meant nobody had any reason to complain. 

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