Drive Like Jehu

Downsview Park, Toronto ON, September 19

Photo: Rick Clifford

BY Branan RanjanathanPublished Sep 20, 2015

Seminal '90s post-hardcore unit Drive Like Jehu proved that their years spent apart have done nothing to slow them down or hinder the amount of energy in their live performances. Cycling between screeching guitar dissonance, stop-start moments and tumultuous, atmospheric breaks, the quartet showcased their technical precision with a number of cuts from their 1994 classic, Yank Crime. The measured plodding of songs like "Do You Compute" and the first half of "Sinews" were balanced out by the chaos and violence of "Here Come the Rome Plows" and "Super Unison," which whipped the crowd into a frenzied mosh.

Rick Froberg's vocal performance stayed true to the recordings, ranging from pained yowls to raspy, emphatic shouts, and guitarist John Reis' stage presence kept the performance visually interesting, leaping about and tossing his guitar around as he played. The set was closed out with the hypnotic looping riffs of "Luau" which then — as if mirroring the crowd — descended once again into frenetic chaos at the very end. 

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