Dream Wife's Feminist Anthems Are as Playful as They Are Emotional on 'So When You Gonna…'

BY Kaitlin IrvingPublished Jul 2, 2020

The release of Dream Wife's self-titled debut album in 2018 was one of the best things to happen to indie rock that year. Back with personal anecdotes, satire, commentary and a punk-inspired electric feel that will make you feel untouchable, they have done it again with the follow-up So When You Gonna…

The London-based trio of Rakel Mjöll, Alice Go and Bella Podpadec take listeners on an honest journey through womxn's experience on the album. To fully grasp the expedition, it is imperative to listen from beginning to end — no shuffling allowed. This album is not just filled with iconic, feminist anthems, but also shares a story.

The album starts off fierce and untouchable with "Sports" – an absurd, playful, moreish track, full of colourful guitar flourishes and winking vocals. It sits on multiple levels of satire and celebration, with the trio's confidence and exuberance beaming through.

The mood shifts entirely by the end of the album, as "After the Rain" is honest and moving: "It's my choice my life / It's my will my sacrifice / My body my right / Not for others to decide." Dream Wife take a break from their lively sound and let their vulnerability shine as they open up about abortion and the rights a womxn has to their own body. The lyricism is raw and the sombre sound is addictive, eliciting a powerful emotional response. It works brilliantly as the final song of the record, but also speaks volumes standing alone.

Being a womxn is liberating, but the struggles inevitably remain relevant. From abortion and miscarriages to the battle for gender equality, Dream Wife touches on many of them on this effort.

Full of prodigious riffs, intoxicating vocals and a narrative you just can't ignore, So When You Gonna… exemplifies just what happens when talent meets passion. If this album is any indication of what's to come from this trio, Dream Wife just might take over the world.
(Lucky Number)

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