Drake and French Montana's "Snipe Commandments" Prove They're Frat Bros

Drake and French Montana's 'Snipe Commandments' Prove They're Frat Bros
Drake once told us through song that "these days it's hard to meet women," but after reading through a list of "10 Snipe Commandments" he's written for good friend French Montana, it's probably not hard to see why.

Revealed through French Montana's Instagram, the Aubrey Graham-authored version of the "bro code" has been framed is hanging on the wall of his home. "These are the #10snipecommandments. Finally got it to my house," he wrote in the caption. "Written by my bro @champagnepapi [sic] and overviewed by me. The Rules We Live By… Disregard these rules if you're fully committed,"

As you can see in his post below, rules include "Thou shall never pillow talk or discuss business with a ting," or "Thou shall always be honest with his brother about a splash." More specific rules include "Thou shall be allowed to hunt in all jungles unless a trespass has been enforced verbally," or "Thou shall never tell a ting about another man's splash in order to execute his own splash."

As far as keeping oneself protected, one of the bigger commandments orders that "Thou shall only splash unprotected if the ting a must splash or you are too fry or you trust the vibe or you plan to keep the vibe for a minimum of 6 months with 4 interactions within the allotted time period."

While every single one of these entries is incredibly questionable, we're sure you're smart enough to put two and two together to figure out what a "splash" entails.

If these sound like rules to live by in your own life, you're a bad person. Further, you can find them below.