"Worst Behaviour" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Nov 11, 2013

Drake's new vid for Nothing Was the Same "Worst Behaviour" might not be as action-packed as the guns-blazing clip for "Hold On We're Going Home," but the rapper's recent stop through Memphis, TN, yielded a few memorable moments.

The opening scene shows a seasoned set of studio musicians cranking out some old-school R&B in the recording booth, but soon they're celebrating in the parking lot to the tune of "Worst Behaviour." Less glitzy is Drake's arrival, which sees him delivering anger-laced lines while marching around a gravel lot.

There's a long-winded skit in the middle with a dude in an OVO owl suit trying to hock a demo, but it eventually gets back to Drizzy walking the streets of Memphis with a massive crew in tow.

You can soak in all the action down below.

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