Drake Tantalus Stage, Squamish BC, August 8

Drake Tantalus Stage, Squamish BC, August 8
Photo: Jenn McInnis
Aubrey Drake Graham didn't need any help getting the Squamish crowd on his side, if all the personalized representations of the meme-able cover for If You're Reading This It's Too Late peppered on t-shirts throughout the crowd were any indication (the best of which was a sign that said "Don't Drake and Drive"). On their sign by the Sea-to-Sky highway, Mag's 99 Fried Chicken and Mexican Cantina even declared Drake the winner of his infamous and ongoing beef with Meek Mill. Clearly, his was one of the most anticipated sets of the entire festival.
Drake was hyped on it too, proclaiming that he loved BC with all his heart, and going so far to declare it as the best festival crowd he'd ever seen in his life. Unfortunately, it was hard to shake the sense that he was phoning it in a bit. The crowd was so stoked that he probably could have read Robert Burns poetry to a standing ovation, so there wasn't exactly a whole lot of incentive to work very hard.
Granted, with a forest backdrop, pyrotechnics, big screen visuals and respectable crowd work, he put on a show that adequately filled the space, but directly following the tit-worshipping, crowd-surfing spectacle that A$AP Rocky threw down on the same stage made the rather safe and underwhelming nature of Drake's set all the more apparent. He didn't seem to work the stage with much urgency, and didn't seem to put much effort into his flows aside from the odd moment like "HYFR." He didn't suck, but he didn't quite live up to the hype, either.