Dragon Fli Empire Intermission EP

Served as an appetizer before the next full-length album, Redefine, Calgary’s Dragon Fli Empire offer seven delicious snacks and, for desert, an instrumental from the DJ half of the group, Cosm. Also, leaving the battle of Alberta on the ice rink, Cosm and Teekay bring together Edmontonians Cadence Weapon and Touch for tracks on the EP, which are a celebration of modesty. "Outside Inn” has Teekay and Weapon, with the stellar singing of Lynn Olagundoye, revealing their insecurities, almost to nakedness, and then on the Moka Only-laced "Day Job,” Teekay takes you through his dismal life offstage. Reggae-influenced "Identiteye” briefly takes the focus away from the mirror to tell a crime story. Despite its concision, Intermission has a satisfying old school flavour that stays fresh. (MakeBelieve)