Dope Felons And Revolutionaries

High on new metal, Dope throw their syringes filled with Fear Factory and Society One in the murky metal-polluted water for their impressive, albeit unoriginal, debut. Their product has been cut with Ministry-laced beats, which adds to the high, but could make some people “Sick.” The band even pay a homage of sorts to Ministry — “One Fix” sounds as close to “Just One Fix” as you can get without having paying royalties. Their aggressive beats are especially fuelled for the disenfranchised suburban youth who are now hounded by “pigs” and “the man or the mom,” whichever the case may be. Dope connect with their slamming sounds of “Pig Society,” “America the Pitiful” and “I Am Nothing.” Dope is about shooting up in your bedroom and forgetting your problems — the safety of not becoming addicted and ill adds to the appeal. (Epic)