Dope Dope

Hey kid wanna try some Dope? Come on, enjoy the postmodern industrial metal hybrid created by the Dope brothers, (Edsel and Simon are actually brothers). Snort “Pig Society” into your proboscis and let the heavy rhythms rumble around your brain. A little bit of Dope will make all your problems go away with its cool sounds. Dope isn’t addictive. “Sick” will take care of your vomit and twitching by creating a cool concoction of harsh screaming vocals, clanging drums and kick ass guitar noise. It goes down hard, but coats your stomach nicely for “I Am Nothing.” Filled with more harshness, the final track is sample heavy, drum heavy and contains enough vocal chaos to have the neighbours thinking WWIII is going on next door. Conveniently packaged in rubber casing that unfortunately became very sticky on hot summer days, making Dope a little difficult to access. Just remember, Dope Are Really Exquisite or for those with drug addled brains D.A.R.E. (Flip)