Dom Sun Bronzed Greek Gods

Before he was known for his music, Dom was known for his tabloid-baiting story. A Pitchfork feature exposed his troubled life, which included revelations about his mother dumping him into foster care, getting arrested for fighting a foster brother, a reliance on food stamps and rising debt problems. And there was also a diss to Christopher Owens (of Girls), whose similar childhood woes Dom passed off as a probable publicity stunt. But once you hear Sun Bronzed Greek Gods, you'll understand why Dom's music is better than his story. Despite the lo-fi production, this mini-album boasts songs that deserve to be heard in stadiums and arenas. "Bochicha," for instance, was written about Dom's cat, but is the official face-off anthem of his local hockey team, the Worcester Sharks. With its stirring chants, pounding drums and rollicking riffs, it's the true heir to Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll." Single "Living In America" is even more accessible, pumping up the sugar dosage with glittery synth chords, fuzzy bass and hooks that sound lifted from Top 40 radio. If this is ever cleaned up and repackaged by say, Dr. Luke, Dom can expect this to reach his expectations of writing a song with the appeal of something like "YMCA." Even a track about drugs, called "Jesus," manages to avoid all of the potential hazards, thanks to its sincere, lackadaisical charisma. If he has the ambition to match the songs, Dom could become quite a rags to riches story. (Burning Mill)