BY Cam LindsayPublished Aug 25, 2008

On July 7, 2007 at 7:07 p.m., Japanese noise legends Boredoms dauntingly gathered 77 drummers to perform 77 Boadrum, "the world's most numerologically significant all-drum concert.” Held in Brooklyn, chief Boredom Yamantaka Eye and his custom guitar gong led an army of percussionists that included members of Lightning Bolt, Holy Fuck and Excepter in a massive orgy of rhythm. Vice shot the event for a special ten-part series on its online network, Displaying the laborious set-up, interviewing crew and performers, and of course, snippets of the performance, it’s fascinating thing to behold. Plus, there’s a rumoured doc made by the band in the works, as well as a 77-page book and double audio disc for the supreme commemoration.

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