Boredoms Ready <i>Super Roots 10</i>, 9/09/09 Celebration and That Crazy Boat Cruise Thing

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jul 13, 2009

Fans of whacky, drum-led noise rejoice -€“ this fall, long-running Japanese weirdoes Boredoms will release their long-awaited Super Roots 10. The record will be birthed by Thrill Jockey on September 8, and will be available as a double twelve-inch record.

Besides the tracks "Super Rooy" and "Ant 10," the EP will include remixes from Altz, Finger Hat and Norwegian space-disco cadet Lindstrom. And if you're excited for that, you can get even more excited for the very next day, as September 9 will see the band perform their third annual Boadrum event in New York at Terminal 5. They'll also repeat the performance for the Flaming Lips' ATP Festival, which is taking place in Monticello on September 13.

Of course, before any of this, the bizarre performers have another unique event planned as part of the Tokara The Sun & Moon Festival. As previously reported, on July 22, Boredoms will set up on a Russian ferry off the coast of Japan and perform during a solar eclipse. It's so weird that it makes perfect sense. Seriously, at this point in their career, the most shocking thing Boredoms could do would be to play the Warped Tour.

On top of it all, the band are also working on a new full-length album, which is expected to be released in 2010.

Super Roots 10:

1. "Super Rooy"
2. "Ant 10"
3. "Ant 10 / Estero 10" (remix by Altz)
4. "Ant 10" (remix by DJ Finger Hat)
5. "Ant 10" (remix by Lindstrom)
6. "Ant 10 / Mineral Dub Break" (remix by Altz)

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