Boredoms Ready Vinyl Reissues of 'Pop Tatari' and 'Chocolate Synthesizer'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Feb 25, 2013

The last official Boredoms release we got was the 77 Boadrum live DVD, but the long-running experimental Japanese troupe are about to dust off a pair of older albums for some vinyl reissues. Both their Pop Tatari and Chocolate Synthesizer arrive as double-LP represses on May 14 through 1972.

Pop Tatari, orginally released in 1992, is described in a press release as "comparatively accessible" to the band's earlier material, but is nonetheless touted as an "imaginative concoction of primitive hard rock and sludge-punk bluster, short-attention-span performance art, cartoon scores, screaming psych and sharp short blasts of brutal, cutting funk/rap."

The album had been releases by WEA Japan and in North America via Reprise. The out-there effort is further described as being influenced by experimental acts like Captain Beefheart and Merzbow, while ultimately influencing the next generation of noise rock acts like Wolf Eyes and Lighting Bolt.

Meanwhile, Chocolate Synthesizer was released the same year the band took part in the Lollapalooza tour in 1994 and is seen as a transitional album that found them somewhat shying from the noise-rock hysterics into the more epic, trance-like material they'd later move towards. Vocalist Yamatsuka Eye's performance is described as "more ominous," but the wobbly, requiem-bell-assisted sci-fi score "Synthesizer Guidebook on Fire" is a subtler, if not ambient track.

That said, the album still showcases "a healthy dose of Boredoms' trademark harsh atmospherics, insane vocals, skewed guitar riffage and sound-collage absurdity."

It appears as if both vinyl represses with stick to the original tracklistings and offer no bonus tracks.

Boredoms' last record release was 2009's Super Roots 10, which featured "Ant 10" and remixes of the song from Lindstrom and Altz.

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