DJ Shadows's Endtroducing Gets Live Tribute Band

DJ Shadows's <i>Endtroducing</i> Gets Live Tribute Band
Whether they're too jokey or, worse, completely taking themselves seriously, the majority of tribute acts are hard to stomach. Unless you're idea of a good night is listening to accountants ruin what's left of Van Halen hits at a local dive, it's probably wise to steer clear of most tribute bands. There is a small handful of folks who get it right, however, and among them is the Oxford, UK outfit Introducing.

The nine-piece band do us right by performing near-perfect live renditions of cuts from DJ Shadow's seminal 1996 debut Endtroducing. While that record was made almost entirely from samples, Introducing take it to the next level by offering the warmth of a full band while retaining the addictive drum breaks.

The Tripwire points to a show review from The Economist's blog, More Intelligent Life. The reviewer sees the fun in the band, but ultimately misses the point with quotes like, "The band's show is dedicated to nostalgia; to savouring a moment that was very cool when it happened. But as a result the show feels trapped. Doesn't playing the same set every gig get old?"

The live recordings on the band's MySpace page, along with videos like the one streaming below, actually have us hoping the band will make a trip to Canada.