DJ Paypal

Sold Out

BY Ashley HampsonPublished Nov 11, 2015

DJ Paypal's full-length Sold Out, his Brainfeeder label debut, is an expansive take on footwork, incorporating expressive elements of soul, hip-hop and, most notably, jazz. With footwork the binding element across all tracks, Sold Out takes liberties and leaps in dabbling with sounds and textures. Single "Awakening" is saturated with insatiable, frenetic jazz — trilling horns abound, while frenetic drums underlie the entire thing — exemplifying Brainfeeder as the ideal platform for the album's release.
Opener "Sold Out" is a dexterous symphonic explosion that slowly builds percussively, before dropping into fills of snare snaps, while "Ahhhhhhh" slides into twinkling keys, double-time hi hats and choppy, broken synths. DJ Paypal surprises with "Slim Trak," which switches gears completely and throws down huge doses of hand drums, claps, yelps and bubbling chants, just one of a number of pleasant subversions on the engaging Sold Out.

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