DJ Kool Herc Sues HBO over 'Vinyl'

DJ Kool Herc Sues HBO over  'Vinyl'
If you've been watching Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger's music-themed HBO show Vinyl, you may have noticed that between the mountains of cocaine and wide-legged bell bottoms there was an appearance from a young DJ Kool Herc. Turns out the hip-hop pioneer's likeness was not used with permission, and he's now filed suit against HBO.

According to Billboard, the artist born Clive Campbell is suing HBO over claims that his identity, name and voice were used without permission. He claims the show broke New York civil rights laws against misappropriation, as well as breaking trademark rights.

Taso Pardalis, the lawyer representing Herc, said, "It's beyond us why HBO and the producers of Vinyl, a successful show about artists and music, would hurt an artist like Herc who has contributed so much to the music industry."

HBO added, "We are confident there is no validity to the claims."

That said, the network reportedly offered Herc a $10,000 "consulting contract" to waive all rights before the show aired. He turned that offer down, so only time will tell how this lawsuit unfolds.