DJ Khaled Major Key

DJ Khaled Major Key
Just kidding. In truth, DJ Khaled's ninth studio album, Major Key, is — to be punny about it — more like one of those tiny keys used to open mailboxes or filing cabinets. It starts off deceptively strong, with standouts like "I Got the Keys," "Nas Album Done" and "For Free" all loaded near the beginning. But once the album advances past this bit of clever sequencing, it barely strikes a chord.
On the surface, Major Key has all the elements of a sure-fire hit: an all-star cast of collaborators (including Jay Z, Nas, Drake, Future and Kendrick Lamar); trendy beats and, hello, an actual lion on the cover! Khaled has a very specific formula for success, and he certainly doesn't stray from it here. But therein lies the rub: Major Key crosses the line from strategically formulaic to boring and predictable.
Things start falling apart with "Ima Be Alright," a lukewarm collaboration with Bryson Tiller and Future. From there, it becomes a struggle both to distinguish one song from another and to stay awake.

It's silly to expect more from DJ Khaled, though. He's a master at delivering catchy yet fleeting hits whose lifespan barely rival that of a fruit fly, so in terms of staying true to his brand, Major Key is a major success. But if you pick up this album expecting more than a sprinkling of flighty pop songs to get you through the remainder of the summer, congratulations... you played yourself. (Epic/We The Best Music Group)