​Diplo and Denny's Are Fighting About Potatoes on Twitter

Looks like there's beef on the breakfast menu
​Diplo and Denny's Are Fighting About Potatoes on Twitter
In one of the stranger online feuds in recent memory, Mad Decent label dude (and James Van Der Beek's latest character study) Diplo is warring with American diner chain Denny's.
The back-and-forth bickering appears to stem from potato-related plagiarism. Diplo's made his appreciation for the root vegetables known in the past, and seems to have taken offence at the all-day breakfast restaurant co-opting his spirit animal.
When Denny's shared a picture of a potato with the caption "#mondaymotivation" on Twitter, Mad Decent shot back with a side-by-side comparison of Denny's tweet and one of their own (featuring a different potato) from back in April.
Seemingly upset about the similar choice in generic potato pictures, Diplo took to his own personal Twitter account to shame America's diner.
He went on to throw some extra shade at one of the restaurant's signature dad jokes.
When another Twitter user countered by accusing Diplo's account of the same approach, all the producer could respond with was "lmao i wish."
Denny's stepped up to the plate and delivered the walk-off grand slam, though, misspelling Diplo's name and likening his face to the potato that started all the drama in the first place.