Dillinger Escape Plan Announce New Drummer in Sopranos Spoof

Dillinger Escape Plan Announce New Drummer in <i>Sopranos</i> Spoof
Dillinger Escape Plan have used the media spectacle that is the death of The Sopranos to end speculation of their future and their current drumming void after founding skinsman Chris Pennie left to join Coheed & Cambria.

The three remaining members star in a webisode spoofing The Sopranos finale, where they gather at a local diner (that is a spitting image of the Soprano family's hangout) to discuss their new addition. In the end, the camera cuts out and abruptly fades to black just as he joins Dillinger in the booth.

The new drummer is Gil Sharone, whose skills can be witnessed in the second half of the video. No word has been given if he will join full-time, but he is currently working on the rest of the new album, titled Ire Works, with the rest of Dillinger and producer Steve Evetts.