DillanPonders 'MATRIX' (album stream)

DillanPonders 'MATRIX' (album stream)
Toronto's DillanPonders has returned with his latest audio offering, MATRIX.
The 11-track project hears the rapper reflecting on his attempts to "unplug" from the increasingly volatile world that is Western society in 2018.
He rallies against the system that's left him feeling like an outsider, and even left him homeless for a period of time. Having found refuge in public spaces like bus stations and lobbies, he now finds safer refuge in his music.
MATRIX kicks off with the Dragon Ball Z-referencing "Goku," later making biblical references in titles like "Gzus" and "Samson" (and "Rihanna," depending what religion you subscribe to).
The record was produced by Kevin Rolly and Dutch Revz. Give it a listen down below.