DillanPonders MATRIX

DillanPonders MATRIX
Toronto-based rapper DillanPonders has made a name for himself not only in the Toronto music community, but has spread worldwide with his unique sound. His most recent projects both dropped in the last few months — You're Welcome 3 and No Mans Land — and he's just dropped his anticipated new album MATRIX.
Ponders starts off the album with confidence, not to be confused with boastfulness. With Ponder's success, positivity, and ability to focus on music and none of the outside drama, it's evident that Ponders isn't slowing anytime soon, and why should he? He consistently drops quality tracks and always has something to actually say.
"TITAN" is a prime example of how different Ponders is to most. "Couple thousand new followers, that means a lot to all, I guess. Clout will get you killed these days; these bitches ain't really real these days." Plenty of artists only care about materialism and aren't genuine.
With only one feature on the album, the production for the album is by producers Dutch Revs, Kevin Rolly, and NASTIIl; they hold Ponder's heavy production with Auto-Tuned-singing spaced-out vocals from time to time. On early track "GZUS," Ponders raps "Play my old songs and lose your mind, play my new songs and find yourself."
To anyone who might not have heard Ponders older tracks, his album Acid Reign and You're Welcome 2 were vast evolutions that significantly showed in his artistry. Compared to his older projects, you can hear Ponders' growth as a person, which immediately reflects in his music.
The thing about Ponders is he's a raw artist. With no care of signing to a label, and no co-signs, his soul is intact; his fans love him for being himself and staying authentic. He doesn't need to put on a front, and more importantly, he tells us to be ourselves too, find ourselves and not to be afraid to be enlightened. (Independent)