​DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith Enters Rehab

​DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith Enters Rehab
Photo: Zachary Chick
DIIV frontman Zachary Cole Smith had revealed that he is entering rehab.
In an Instagram post last night (February 3), Smith told his followers that he was checking in for "long-haul inpatient treatment."
Breaking the news, he wrote: "So I guess now is the time for me to stop kidding myself, and everybody else."
 "I've taken this road way past the point of sanity and fucked with way too many people," he continued. "See you all on the other side, I love you forever, you know who yous are."
He went on to personally thank and apologize to a number of people, including his mom.
Smith has previously struggled with drug addiction in the public eye. Back in 2013, Smith was arrested with Sky Ferreira and charged with drug possession. They were driving a stolen vehicle and upon getting pulled over by police with a warrant, heroin and ecstasy were found in the car.
In the aftermath of the scandal, Smith opened up about his history with addiction. In 2014, he said:
I've just always been the kind of person that you can't say to me, 'That stove is too hot. Don't touch it.' I have to just touch it and figure out how hot it is — you know, hold my hand just above it or touch it with my little finger. I always have to push my limits. So all the sudden there's this drug that enters the scene that's this ultimate forbidden thing, and that makes it the most tempting thing around. I've always struggled with various addictions throughout my life.
Following the arrest, Smith did a stint in rehab and continued to receive treatment with therapy and probationary check-ins.
He returned to releasing music with DIIV, unleashing Is The Is Are last year. In spring 2016, the band cancelled European tour dates, citing "an urgent health issue," though details of the medical concerns were never released. The band completed their North American dates later in the year.
Read Smith's Instagram post in its entirety below.