Dieselboy The Dungeonmaster's Guide

One of the few drum & bass artists to have cracked the North American market, Dieselboy (Damian Higgins) is usually a pretty reliable veteran of the scene. On his eighth mix disc, The Dungeonmaster’s Guide, he’s commissioned an equal crack team of expert drum & bass remixers (Kaos, Gridlok, Karl K) to do their thing with a decent selection of progressive dance tracks (by the likes of Sasha, BT, and Tiesto). But the dark, trance tone and abrasive production get boring fast, as the mix starts to sound like one long uninterrupted track. Worse yet is the overall homage to Higgins’ gaming days, with Dungeons and Dragons-style voiceovers, apparently scripted by Dieselboy himself. Maybe he thought matching drum & bass with D&D would be a clever idea, but it’s not exactly the best concept to regenerate a flagging genre. (Nettwerk)