The 6th session

BY Venk ChandranPublished Dec 1, 2000

The 6th Session has to be the best Dieselboy mix album yet. It is hard hitting, lethal and unforgiving in its mix of intense drum & bass sounds and rapid-fire rhythms. The track selection is amazing, ranging from "A" class producers such as )EIB( (yep, that's what Bad Company choose to name themselves), the Usual Suspects, Andy C, Shimon, Technical Itch and J. Majik. Be careful with your speakers with this album. It begins with the roaring "Messiah" mix by Kemal and Rob Data (although I could have sworn it was a Konflict tune), and stays relentless until the end. Dieselboy's own production skills are on display in this album as well. His mix of "Invid" is edgy and quite a dance floor banger. Hopefully, this will be released as a single in the near future. A real surprise on this album was "Solarize," by J Majik. The tune is a composition of contradictions, melancholy vocals and an intense rhythm. The tune cuts the rhythm to a hardcore/house beat and then speeds back the bpm right into jungle time. An amazing end to the album. You've come a long way Mr. Higgins.

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