DIANA Island Stage, Guelph ON, July 26

DIANA Island Stage, Guelph ON, July 26
Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa
Making just a short trek from home base in Toronto to Guelph, DIANA lead singer Carmen Elle expressed her regret early on that this was her first time experiencing Hillside. Regardless, the indie pop quartet received a warm welcome right from the opening chords of "Perpetual Surrender" (also the namesake of the band's acclaimed debut record). The hard-hitting drum machines, dreamy synths and wandering saxophone solos had the crowd entranced, while Elle's good-humoured banter offered relief from the slower, more shoegaze-y parts of the set.

The skies opened and poured rain midway through, pushing the crowd even closer together under the Island Stage tent, but it was hard to care about the weather as DIANA captivated listeners with their danceable, electro-tinged pop. The set ended with "Born Again," leaving onlookers perhaps wishing the band had a bigger back catalogue to draw from, but nevertheless pleased with the afternoon performance.

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