Toronto's Idée Fixe Records Launches Sister Label with the Brodie West Quintet, High Alpine Hut Network

Andy Haas, Matthew "Doc" Dunn, Joseph Shabason, Robin Hatch and more contribute to the first albums from Ansible Editions

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 17, 2022

Toronto's Idée Fixe Records has announced the formation of sister label Ansible Editions, a new home for "loosely defined jazz adjacent work" from a host of experimental local favourites.

To mark their launch, Ansible Editions has detailed the first three releases in its catalogue, which come from the Brodie West Quintet, trio Adams, Dunn & Haas, and High Alpine Hut Network. All three LPs arrive through the label on March 25.

Following their 2018 debut Clips, the Brodie West Quintet's Meadow of Dreams is said to push into more diverse, cohesive territory than its predecessor, while retaining the angularity that brought the former outing acclaim.

A co-release with Texas free-jazz imprint Astral Spirits, the album features Evan Cartwright on drums, vibraphone and guitar, Josh Cole on bass, Nick Fraser on drums, Tania Gill on piano and West on alto saxophone. The album's "Entrainment" and "Meadow of Dreams," which open and close the LP, respectively, can be heard below.

Future Moons, meanwhile, comes from the trio of Kieran Adams (Vibrant Matter, ex-DIANA), Matthew "Doc" Dunn and Andy Haas (Martha & the Muffins), all of whom play together in the Cosmic Range. The trio's six songs are said to burn with "white hot interstellar intensity" as they "veer into various flavours of abstraction." You can have your face/brain/being melted with "Tulips for Cygnus" and "Soft Nebula" below ahead of the album's arrival.

High Alpine Hut Network's debut 727 / 16 arrives after an initial trio of Christopher Shannon (Bart, Possum), Benjamin Pullia and Jason Bhattacharya underwent a musical evolution, making the project a collaborative network of artists. Joining in on the group's moves toward "molten jazz fusion" are pianist Robin Hatch, saxophonist Joseph Shabason, guitarist Tobin Hopwood, percussionist Lauren Runions, and percussionist/synth player Nathan Vanderwielen.

All three Ansible Editions releases will also be given vinyl pressings, in respective editions of 100 copies. Further digital and physical pre-order details can be found via the label's Bandcamp page.

Earlier this month, Evan Cartwright announced that debut album bit by bit will arrive in April via Idée Fixe.

Last year, Robin Hatch used the world's largest analogue synth to create solo LP T.O.N.T.O., on which Joseph Shabason guested. The sax man's 2021 also saw him release Florence, an instrumental companion to 2020 Idée Fixe release Philadelphia from trio Shabason, Krgovich & Harris.

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