Destination: Oblivion Shock Therapy

Although released earlier this year, D:O’s third album probably went unnoticed by industrial fans. Too bad really, because rough spots aside, this disc is filled with aggressive beats and highlights the group’s sense of the darkly disturbed. Recorded in Portland, Oregon the catchy and experimental effort they put forth is a credit to their dark music scene. Shock Therapy features remixes from their first release, Thirteen Beginnings to the End, as well as new material. The latest tracks are respectable efforts, however, it is the remixes that make this disc satisfying. DJs should have no trouble fitting D:O into their regular rotation. In particular, "Our God Greed: Questionable Abyss Remix” seizes attention as a great club track. Touching on both the danceable and the experimental sides of industrial music, these guys show great promise. I look forward to hearing their future work. (Dead Awake)