Descendents Bassist Talks Possible New Album, Tour

Descendents Bassist Talks Possible New Album, Tour
As if last week's announcement that legendary California punks Descendents would be playing this month's Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX wasn't exciting enough, bassist Karl Alvarez has hinted that the reunited group may record some new material to celebrate the occasion. This would be the group's first recorded material since 2004's Cool to Be You.

In an interview with Dying Scene [via Punknews], the musician discusses the possibility of the troupe putting together another punky platter and whether or not they will have the time to go on tour in support of it.

"I think we're back," Alvarez said. "We'll probably make a record and probably be doing more shows, but I don't think we're going to be doing the kind of tour that we would do in the old days, which was very intensive."

He goes on to explain that the symptoms of age and responsibilities have taken the band off the road full time.

"In your 20s, it's okay to climb in a van and go on tour for extended periods, but in your 30s and 40s, it gets increasingly hard because people have families. The hiatus was due to Stephen [Egerton, guitar], Bill [Stevenson, drums] and Milo [Aukerman, vocals] raising children. If you're a parent, you don't want to be away eight months in a year."

So far, Descendents have only booked the one U.S. show, as well as a trio of Australian dates.

Tour dates:

11/7 Austin, TX - Waterloo Park (Fun Fun Fun Fest) 

12/17 Melbourne, Australia - Melbourne Showgrounds 

12/18 Sydney, Australia- Quarter Moore Park 

12/19 Brisbane, Australia - RNA Showgrounds