Derek Sanders

My Rock and Roll Heart

BY Eva ZhuPublished Feb 19, 2020

Derek Sanders, frontman of Tallahassee emo quintet Mayday Parade, is releasing My Rock and Roll Heart, a solo EP of covers that have shaped his life.
Sanders originally recorded a cover of the first track, "But Lauren," as a Valentine's Day present to his wife in 2017. He and his wife had both been listening to the Goodbye Love song since they were teenagers.
Sanders' take on the song is quite different from the original, stripped back and more nostalgic, the perfect song to serenade your partner.
By the second track, Saves the Day's "Rocks Tonic Juice Magic," that idyllic image of love has been replaced with violent and graphic imagery of a resentful ex-boyfriend. At first listen, one might not realize how disturbing the lyrics are, due to Sanders' crooning vocals. His ability to make angry songs sound peaceful and sad songs sound devastating is unmatched.
The title My Rock and Roll Heart comes from "A Praise Chorus," a cover of Jimmy Eat World's ode to the bands and artists that have inspired them. Sanders' cover feels full circle, as Jimmy Eat World have been one of the bands that have been incredibly influential to Mayday Parade.
If you've always loved Mayday Parade and miss their more laidback acoustic music, then My Rock and Roll Heart has everything you're looking for.

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