Dennis Bovell I Wah Dub

Bring on the '80s dub reissues! Blood and Fire pretty much has a lock on quality '70s material, but when is the bionic dub of the early '80s going to get its due? We can thank Linton Kwesi Johnson for making Dennis Bovell's I Wah Dub available for the first time on CD. The LP, released in 1980, has long been one of the top British dub LPs and it's sounding great on disc. Blackbeard Bovell always had a lighter touch at the mixing board than his Jamaican predecessors. His rhythms often lope where others relentlessly pounded away at a rockers beat, as was the dancehall style at the time. I Wah Dub is also different than other LKJ records, with happier rhythms and more irreverent sound effects. Absolute standouts are the pillowy bass of "Steadie" and the soulful groove of "Oohkno." This is a good disc for parties, as it stays upbeat and engagingly psychedelic throughout. The only caveat is that it's just half-an-hour long, so make sure you buy this at a reasonable price. (LKJ)